Almond Board Partnership

The Almond Board of California (ABC), the almond industry’s Federal Marketing Order (FMO), has assumed a tremendous leadership role in implementing an extensive research, technical and reputation management program – but ABC is prohibited by USDA to advocate, lobby or influence state and federal policies or legislation.

Recognizing the wealth of knowledge, expertise and data that the almond industry has developed through ABC, the Almond Alliance entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with ABC. This ensures resource efficiencies and mitigates redundancies by allowing ABC staff to provide technical expertise to the Almond Alliance when necessary. ABC President and CEO Richard Waycott stated, “The Almond Board is committed to collaboration and creating a synergy between the two organizations. We look forward to working with the Almond Alliance on issues of mutual concern so that we are complementing each other’s unique strengths.”

Given the challenges facing agriculture, working together and leveraging organizational expertise has enabled the Almond Alliance to maximize investments made by the almond industry in the production and marketing of California almonds. The Almond Alliance provides the California almond industry a voice in policy, regulatory and legislative discussions that will shape the right to farm and process almonds today and for years to come.