2022 Committees

Our organization has four standing committees that address the priority activities and issues prioritized by the association. The committees of the Almond Alliance provide a forum for analyzing, discussing, and providing input to the Board on issues and challenges confronting the industry or the alliance. Additionally, the Board can develop task forces to address specific issues.  Almond Alliance members are encouraged to volunteer for committee service.of

California Almond Industry Political Action Committee

The Almond  PAC serves to promote and protect the welfare of the almond industry through the support of federal and state candidates that value the almond industry. The committee monitors federal and state elections, develops political action committee plans, and supports and promotes funding for these

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee includes the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Chief Financial Officer of the Association. The Executive Committee is a standing committee and shall have all the authority delegated by the Board. The Executive Board reports all actions they take to the entire board at board

Government Relations Committee

The Government Relations Committee analyzes, discusses, and provides direction to the Board of Directors on legislative and regulatory issues that impact the almond industry. Issues that may come before the committee include food safety, feed quality, environmental, crop protection tools, labor, water, bee health, air quality, and market

Huller/Sheller Committee

The Huller/Sheller Committee monitors, discusses, and consolidates technical information and trends of interest to the hullers and shellers, along with providing educational