Press Release April 4, 2018 – -The Almond Alliance of California (AAC) is closely monitoring the impacts of China’s decision to impose increased tariffs on 128 imported U.S. agricultural products. For almonds, the 15% additional tariff, on top of the existing 10% tariff, results in an effective tariff of 25% to almond products. The tariff will apply to almond kernels and in-shell almonds.

It is unclear if the additional tariff will impact consumption demands from China, which is the third largest export market for almonds, accounting for nearly 151 million pounds in 2016/17 with a value of approximately $500 million. The California Almond industry values the trade relationship with China and has made significant investments in market development activities there for over 20 years in response to a growing demand of high quality California almonds.

Elaine Trevino, President/ CEO of the Almond Alliance of California said, “The Almond Alliance of California (AAC) urges all parties to reach an expedited solution to ongoing trade negotiations. AAC will continue to work in coalition with other agricultural groups and US government officials and representatives to translate the impacts of this new imposed tariff to the agricultural industry and agricultural based economies.”

About the Almond Alliance of California: The Almond Alliance of California (AAC) was formerly the Almond Hullers and Processors Association and is a trusted non-profit organization with a mission of advocating on behalf of the Almond industry in California. AAC actively advocates for the positions of almond growers, hullers, shellers, handers and processors, while educating the industry about upcoming and existing regulatory changes. Through workshops, newsletters, conferences and meetings, AAC serves as a clearing house of information that informs the almond industry and continues to position the industry as an agricultural leader in the state.


Elaine Trevino

AAC President/CEO



Andrea York

AAC Manager of Government Relations