Aug. 20, 2018 – –Sacramento, CA – – A bus sponsored by the Almond Alliance of California today brought Merced High School Future Farmers of America students to stand on the steps of the State Capitol to advocate on behalf of California’s agriculture industry. The Almond Alliance and FFA joined our elected representatives, farmers, laborers, students, and citizens opposed to a state plan to disrupt the water supply of more than three million northern Californians.

Almond Alliance President Elaine Trevino pointed out the importance of the rally: “This rally was one way to express to our State leaders and the State Water Resources Control Board that their consideration of a plan to sharply curtail water flows to nearly 3 million people from the North San Joaquin Valley to the Bay Area is not acceptable.  Besides threatening drinking water supplies, the plan would jeopardize a multibillion-dollar farming industry, while providing little proof of environmental benefit.”

The Alliance had two clear messages, said Trevino: “Protecting California agriculture and developing leadership in the agriculture sector.  We believe this is a perfect opportunity for FFA students to see there are multiple ways of advocating for California agriculture. Participating in the rally is one important way to show our frustration and concern about the implications of the State Water Board’s decision.”

Trevino pointed out, “The decision by the State Water Resources Board can threaten drinking water supplies and impact the Central Valley agriculture industry, which is the economic engine for the region by providing food, fiber and jobs.  The State Water Board recently announced no final action on the Bay-Delta plan at next week’s meeting, but we feel it is critical that the voice of the California agriculture industry is strong in anticipation of an upcoming decision.   We will continue to urge the State Board to reject the proposal as currently written.”

About the Almond Alliance of California

The Almond Alliance of California (AAC) was formerly the Almond Hullers and Processors Association and is a trusted non-profit organization with a mission of advocating on behalf of the Almond industry in California. AAC actively advocates for the positions of almond growers, hullers, shellers, handers and processors, while educating the industry about upcoming and existing regulatory changes.  Through workshops, newsletters, conferences and meetings, AAC serves as a clearing house of information that informs the almond industry and continues to position the industry as an agricultural leader in the state.