Aug. 10, 2021 Modesto, CA – – U.S. Senate passage Monday of a bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which addresses critical water supply needs in the West, is a “promising start to address the ongoing concerns the California almond community has about our state’s water supply,” said Elaine Trevino, President, Almond Alliance of California.

The act includes $8 billion to repair aging dams and canals, build new surface and groundwater storage, fund water conservation projects and improve ecosystems. This legislation will now be taken up in the House.

“We will reach out to members of the House to educate them about the critical need to invest in a reliable, affordable and sustainable water supply,” explained Trevino. “This is an unprecedented opportunity to make major investments in our water supply infrastructure in a way that will benefit our state for many years to come.”

The Alliance is part of a national coalition representing thousands of Western farmers, ranchers, water providers, businesses and communities supporting the Energy Infrastructure Act. The coalition includes more than 220 organizations from 15 states that collectively represent $120 billion in agricultural production—nearly one-third of all agricultural production in the country—and many of the local and regional public water agencies that supply water to more than 75 million urban, suburban and rural residents.

About the Almond Alliance 
The Almond Alliance of California (AAC) is a trusted non-profit organization dedicated to advocating on behalf of the California almond community. California almonds generate more than $21 billion in economic revenue and directly contribute more than $11 billion to the state’s total economy. California’s top agricultural export, almonds create approximately 104,000 jobs statewide, over 97,000 in the Central Valley, which suffers from chronic unemployment. The AAC is dedicated to educating state legislators, policy makers and regulatory officials about the California almond community. As a membership-based organization, our members include almond processors, hullers/shellers, growers and allied businesses. Through workshops, newsletters, conferences, social media and personal meetings, AAC works to raise awareness, knowledge and provide a better understanding about the scope, size, value and sustainability of the California almond community. 

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