Nov. 16, 2020 – – Several of those who know and operate within the California agriculture industry are banding together to formally ask House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to appoint Representative Jim Costa as Chair of the House Agriculture Committee. 70 organizations representing everything from farm and ag to water districts sent a letter to Pelosi to show support for the candidate.

Elaine Trevino, President, Almond Alliance of CaliforniaElaine Trevino, President, Almond Alliance of California commented, “As a senior member of the House Agriculture Committee, Congressman Costa has consistently shown his ability to work across the aisle while demonstrating a common-sense and pragmatic approach in dealing with a wide array of agricultural issues.”


Jamie Johansson, President, California Farm Bureau FederationJamie Johansson, President, California Farm Bureau Federation. “Jim Costa has a broad and deep understanding of what’s needed to bring food and farm products to Americans’ homes,” said Jamie Johansson, President of the California Farm Bureau Federation, one of the organizations that signed the letter. “The people and businesses in his district encompass every aspect of the food system, giving him a unique perspective on what’s needed to assure continued supplies of safe, affordable, plentiful food and farm products.”

Western Growers President and CEO Dave Puglia was also among those to show support.

Dave Puglia, President and Chief Executive Officer, Western GrowersDave Puglia, President and Chief Executive Officer, Western Growers. “Farmers are increasingly seen as critical partners in the implementation of environmental policies, yet much more needs to be done to provide them the resources needed to meet regulatory mandates and ensure farmers are true partners in environmental policy, and no one understands this as deeply as Jim,” Puglia commented.

As we previously reported, Costa brings 16 years of experience representing an agriculturally productive congressional district in the San Joaquin Valley, plus long-time advocacy on behalf of federal nutrition programs, expansion of foreign markets for U.S. farm products, workforce issues and immigration reform, agricultural research, natural resources policy, and on-farm conservation programs.