July 20, 2018 – – President’s Message by Elaine Trevino – -The Almond Alliance, along with multiple specialty crop organizations, continues to communicate directly with the Administration regarding the negative impacts of retaliatory tariffs being implemented by our trading partners. While we continue to support the Administration’s moves to address and resolve unfair trade practices, we are also not letting them miss the fact that almonds and other specialty crops are caught directly in the retaliatory tariff cross-fire between the United States and nations around the globe – where almonds now face significantly higher tariffs in multiple markets.  In China alone, the agricultural sector was hit with tariffs back in April and now faces applied tariff rates, as of July 6, that are 25% and go up to 70% on over 140 tariff lines. Dozens of tariff lines in other countries are also affected. In all these cases American fruits, vegetables and tree nuts are now priced significantly higher than our competitors in those markets.

We continue to carry the message that our preference is federal support for trade and market growth, but we also believe it is prudent for the California specialty crop industry to begin discussions with the Administration regarding the ways the USDA can mitigate the negative impacts of retaliatory tariffs. We will be continuing to advocate and educate the Administration on what is at risk for almonds from the short-term disruptions to trade with our commercial partners around the world to the longer-term risks to the considerable market development investments the almond industry has made over the past decades.

If you have any questions regarding the Almond Alliance’s efforts related to retaliatory tariffs, feel free to call me at 916-595-0219.  Thank you. Elaine