Nov. 6, 2017 – -Almond Alliance continues to work on developing relationships with the legislature with specific focus on educating urban and moderate Democrats about our industry and our issues. Tours are one of the most valuable tools we use to educate California’s urban legislators about who we are and what we do.

On Oct. 25 the Almond Alliance was pleased to host a tour for Assemblymember Anna Caballero, chair of the Assembly Ag Committee. Assemblymember Caballero toured Fisher Nut Company and Mapes Ranch in Stanislaus County as part of her ongoing effort to keep up to date on ag issues.

During the tours, Caballero said she was interested in the technology used throughout growing, hulling/shelling, and processing, the industries water usage, and the advancements industry has made to use water effectively and efficiently.  We also discussed the biomass concerns in this state and specifically with our orchard removal materials and lack of co-generation plants due to recent closures.


Assemblymember Caballero discusses irrigation technology with Billy Lyons.