Oct. 20, 2017 – -Almond Alliance continues to work on developing relationships with moderate democrats. Tours are one of the most valuable tools we use to educate California’s urban legislators about who we are and what we do. Assembly Member Blanca Rubio (D-Bladwin Park) toured Mariani Nut Company of Winters this week. She has taken it upon herself to learn about the many facets of ag in our state.

Gus Mariani educates Asmsemblymember Rubio on stockpiling and the three crops per drop of water that are produced when growing almonds.

During the tour, Assemblymember Rubio learned about technology that is used throughout growing, hulling/shelling, and processing of almonds and how adoption of new minimum wage increases and other regulations is forcing our industry to adopt technology even faster to mitigate the increased costs of operating a business in California.

Rubio was particularly interested in water usage and availability and considers water a top priority. We also discussed food safety, crop protection materials and concerns over the lack of biomass alternatives and industry efforts to find alternative uses for woody biomass, hulls and shells.  She was impressed that the almond industry recycles all our by-products and produces three crops per drop of water used. Assemblymember Rubio advised that  there is a lot of work to do to educate her urban colleagues in the Capitol as there are major misconceptions about ag. The Almond Alliance will continue the education process including additional tours in the upcoming weeks.