April 20, 2018 – -The “Bee Safe” programs budget request and the augmentation for bee health and safety, authored and co-sponsored by the Almond Alliance with the California Sate Beekeepers Association, was heard in the Assembly and Senate Budget Committees this week.  The Almond Alliance testified in favor of California Department of Food and Agriculture’s (CDFA) Bee Safe request that is included in the Governor’s proposed budget, but testified to the need for the requested augmentation, which provides another $1.3 million among three entities including CDFA, local rural crime task forces and the County Ag Commissioners to prevent bee theft, promote bee health and facilitate out of state bees to have quicker access to California’s almond crop for pollination.  The committees discussed both portions of the request and asked numerous questions.  The items were held open pending release of the Governor’s May Revise.