Feb. 11, 2019 – -The California Air Resources Board (CARB), with the support of the California agricultural community, is requesting your participation in a new 2019 agricultural equipment survey.

The 2019 agricultural survey covers all mobile agricultural equipment, including tractors, combines, balers, agricultural use ATVs and forklifts, and many more. The survey is intended for the agricultural sector, including producers in the field, custom operators, and first processing facilities, and covers equipment using any type of fuel or electricity, of any horsepower. The survey is similar to the 2008 survey of agricultural equipment in which you may have participated. Just as with the previous survey, all responses are completely confidential and identifying information will never be seen by CARB or any government body.

CARB contracted with Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo to handle and completely anonymize all survey data, which includes removal of all identifying information. As a new option, Cal Poly will administer a web-based survey. This survey may be completed on a computer or phone in just a few minutes.

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