May 21, 2018 – -Last November CDFA, in cooperation with other state agencies, hosted a public forum on Managed Groundwater Recharge to Support Sustainable Water Management. Following this event, staff with the California State Board of Food and Agriculture, working with other agency colleagues, developed a list of recommendations based on discussions and insights at the forum. The California State Board of Food and Agriculture has since approved these recommendations and have forwarded them onto the Administration. Recommendations include:

* Provide financial incentives to GSAs that can be passed on to farmers to encourage adoption of groundwater recharge practices.

* Ongoing State Engagement with Growers & GSAs

* New state investment program to fund projects that increase aquifer recharge and better integrate, and co-manage, surface and groundwater systems (e.g., flood and water supply programs and infrastructure) for multiple benefits.

* Research to reduce risk of crop loss on flooded fields, used as part of on-farm recharge projects.

* Research and data development to support Flood-MAR implementation

* Improving hydrology observation and prediction

The full Recommendations and Forum proceedings can be found HERE.