Members of the Year

Almond Alliance Recognizes 2019 & 2020 Members of the Year

The Alliance recognized outstanding members who have supported the association’s efforts to protect the livelihoods of almond growers, hullers and processors.  Board Vice Chair John Wynn announced the Member of the Year Awards for both 2019 and 2020, due to the inability to meet in-person last year. 

The 2019 Member and Associate Member of the Year recognitions were awarded to Cortez Growers and Exact Corporation. “Cortez Growers continues to support the work of the Almond Alliance and has hosted several of our huller/sheller training events. They furthered their commitment to advocacy for the California almond industry by becoming the 2nd huller grower member of our association. We are extremely grateful for their commitment and support,” said Wynn.

Wynn pointed out, “Exact Corporation continues to be engaged in advancing the equipment used by the almond industry.  We are thankful that they continue to support our association and have been a key partner in all our advocacy efforts, especially parking their low dust harvester at the steps of the California Capitol for the Almond Festival in Sacramento.”

Golden Empire Shelling and Premier Trailer were announced as the recipients of the 2020 Member and Associate Member of the Year awards. “We are very thankful to Golden Empire Shelling for being the first Huller Sheller Grower Member and setting the trend for a new level of investment in the Almond Alliance. They ask the Alliance provide updates to their growers every year at their annual dinner,” said Almond Alliance Chairman Mike Curry.

Curry explained the choice for the 2020 Associate Member of the Year. “Premier Trailer Manufacturing was founded in 1996 by Gene Cuelho. They have an experienced team of craftsmen, specializing in the manufacturing of critical transportation for the California almond industry. They are one of California’s most distinguished companies and best-known commercial haulers.  Not only does Premier Trailer show up to Almond Alliance events, but also always willing to help when needed.  Thank-you for your support and dedication.”