Almond PAC

To protect our industry and promote our shared interests, the California Almond Industry Political Action Committee (Almond PAC) was created by the Almond Alliance of California to make our voice heard through better government relations, legislative affairs and regulatory engagement. Almond PAC’s goals are to support our current friends and allies in the California legislature, identify promising candidates and develop new friends and allies that will be important to our industry. Almond PAC is one tool Almond Alliance uses to accomplish these goals. During the year the Almond PAC organizes fundraisers throughout the state including Modesto, Fresno, Bakersfield, and Chico.

Almond PAC contributions to legislators are bipartisan, strategic and selective, targeting key leadership, committee members and those identified to be open to Almond Industry issues. Leadership works hard to attend events rather than just writing a check to put a face on the California almond industry.

Contributions are dispersed to members of the:

  •  Assembly Accountability & Administrative Review Committee
  • Agriculture Committee
  • Appropriations Committee
  • Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee
  • Governmental Organization Committee
  • Environmental Safety & Toxic Materials Committee
  • Senate Committee on Governance and Finance
  • Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee
  • Natural Resources and Water Committee; Agriculture Committee

Almond Alliance is aggressively advocating on your behalf on a host of issues including food & feed safety, crop protection materials (in particular soil and post-harvest fumigation tools), research priorities related to bees and bee health, and water (getting a water bond on the ballot and opposing the current ground water regulation bills).

The Almond Board of California (Almond Board) very effectively educates regulatory agencies and legislators on our industry issues but under the USDA Federal Marketing Order, they CANNOT ask for a specific policy or modification of a policy or legislation. Through a Memorandum of Agreement with the Almond Board, Almond Alliance is able to contract for a portion of staff time/expertise to assist in Almond Alliance’s advocacy efforts and ensure our industry has a unified voice. Additionally, Almond Alliance has a contracted relationship with California Advocates and Velo Consulting, whose combined resources include over 50 years of engagement in issues related to agricultural policy, including; food/feed safety, water policy, crop protection materials, and environmental regulations.

Questions about the PAC?

Who Administers the California Almond Industry PAC?

An Executive Committee consisting of industry representatives has supervision of and control over the activities and funds of California Almond Industry PAC.

The Almond PAC is led by an eight-member leadership committee that  works with  Sacramento advocates  to develop and implement a budget strategy.

  • Bill Lyons, Mapes Ranch, Chairman
  • Dick Cunningham, Cunningham Ranch Inc.
  • Jeanne Grech, Campos Brothers Farms
  • Mike Mason, Supreme Almonds of California
  • Todd Meyer, Western Nut Company
  • Dave Phippen, Travaille & Phippen
  • Melissa Poole, The Wonderful Company
  • Alicia Rockwell, Blue Diamond Growers

How Are California Almond Industry PAC Funds Used?

Contributions received by California Almond Industry PAC are used for support of candidates, political information and education services, and operational expenses of the committee.

Who May Contribute to the California Almond Industry PAC?

Individuals, partnerships, and corporations may contribute.

Are Contributions Tax Deductible?

Contributions to California Almond Industry PAC are not tax deductible.

Must I Report Contributions to the California Almond Industry PAC?

Dues and contributions to the California Almond Industry PAC are reported by California Almond Industry PAC as required by the Political Reform Act of 1974, as amended. No report need be filed by any California Almond Industry PAC contributor unless the total contributions to all state and/or local candidates, ballot measures and/or political action committees in California is $10,000 or more (unless the contributor is otherwise qualified as a committee under the Political Reform Act of 1974, as amended). This is not a request for a contribution in excess of $500