How to Donate

Support the California Almond Industry PAC 

It’s a simple fact: The California almond industry has never faced a more challenging and threatening environment. Every way we turn, we are faced with critical legislative and regulatory issues that impact our bottom line. The California almond industry has enjoyed success and exponential growth over the past decade; however, this growth has made the spotlight on our industry much larger and brighter.

Having a PAC allows the industry to further leverage advocacy efforts. There is an urgent need to establish and maintain our industry as a strong, concerned, and active political force. When you join the California Almond Industry PAC, you help assure your industry’s involvement in the decision-making process. The quality and nature of laws, rules, and regulations affecting your business and your pocketbook are determined by elected officials. Your contribution through the California Almond Industry PAC, when combined with many others, can affect who is elected and who will write the laws.

The California Almond Industry PAC will financially assist candidates who demonstrate a realistic approach to solving the problems of our industry and its related businesses.

There is strength in numbers. A contribution from the California Almond Industry PAC speaks for our industry. Elected officials seldom overlook a large, well-informed constituency.

With your help we will continue to be present and speak in a loud, clear voice on your behalf. If you support this vital task, please send your check (personal or corporate) to: California Almond Industry PAC ID# 1365388, 1211 L Street, Modesto, Ca. 95354

For the Almond PAC donation form click on image below.

ALMONDALL-007_Almond Alliance of CA_PAC Contribution Form