Relationship Building

The California Almond Industry Political Action Committee (Almond  PAC)   was   created   to  make   our   voice   heard through better government relations, legislative affairs  and regulatory engagement.

Almond PAC’s  goals   are  to support our  current  friends and allies in the California legislature, identify promising candidates  and  develop new  friends and  allies  that will be  important to our  industry.  The  Almond PAC  is a very important tool the  Almond  Alliance uses  to accomplish these goals.

In the 2015-2016 crop  year, as this is an election year, contributions to elected officials and  candidates  totaled over  $100,000. Contributions are bipartisan, strategic and selective,  targeting key  leadership,  committee  members and  those  identified to be  interested  in  almond industry issues. Most importantly, almond industry leaders  have worked hard  to attend events  and engage with legislators, to put  a face on the California almond industry.

Almond PAC Hosts Secretary of State Alex  Padilla

While  in Sacramento for the Almond Conference the California Almond Industry PAC (Almond PAC) hosted a fundraiser for Secretary of State Alex  Padilla. The event was a success, raising  just under  $13,000. Participants included Almond PAC members, the California Farm Bureau  Federation, the California Grain & Feed Association, and the Association of California Egg Farmers.  In the Spring of 2016 Secretary Padilla  visited the Modesto area and toured Fisher Nut Company. Alex  is a rising  star  in California politics and has far higher political ambitions.  It  is important to build in  roads  and support members who  have  diverse backgrounds but  also have a proven track record of accessibility and results supporting agriculture and business.

Attorney General Kamala Harris Visits Central Valley

Attorney General  Kamala  Harris, who  is running for the U.S. Senate,  visited the  central valley  twice over  the  last  year. Almond Alliance and a number of our members attended a meet  and greet to learn more  about the Attorney General’s priorities in  the  fall of  2015.  AG  Harris  then  returned to the  central valley  in fall of 2016 for a day  of meetings that included an  ag  and  water round table   where a  number of  industry associations including the  Almond Alliance, educated AG Harris  on our priority issues where water was a main  topic of  discussion. AG  Harris  also  visited  Salida Hulling Association to learn about how  almonds grow three crops per  drop of  water used,  about  renewable energy usage  in  the  almond industry and  about how  we  recycle our byproducts.