Almond PAC

To protect our industry and promote shared interests the California Almond Industry Political Action Committee (Almond PAC) was created by Almond Alliance of California in 2014. This organization was specifically created to allow individuals within the almond community to pool their political contributions and thus increase their visibility and clout. The Almond PAC capitalizes on individual contributions and collectively distributes them strategically to key candidates for Congressional and California statewide elections.

The Almond PAC provides the ability to be a stronger, more unified force in the political arena. Because there is strength in numbers, the Almond PAC is more effective than individual contributions.  Through Almond PAC donations, contributions can be made in larger amounts to a greater number of candidates. The Almond PAC can cover a broader geographic range than most of us would or could do individually. This gives greater impact, on a national and state scale, to each dollar contributed by an industry member.

Agriculture, water, trade and pest management policy decisions directly impacting the California almond industry are decided every day in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. Our industry continues to be in the national spotlight as elected officials debate issues regarding retaliatory tariffs, pest management and labor.  In this unprecedented political climate, it is essential that the almond industry advocate for our legislative and regulatory priorities.  We have worked hard to successfully build the Almond PAC to support candidates who value the almond industry and take the time to understand it.

Frequently Asked Questions

If a candidate is serious about getting elected, he or she must be equally serious about raising sufficient funds to support the campaign. Raising money, the old-fashioned way — sending letters, knocking on doors, holding fundraisers — is still by far the most productive way to generate campaign dollars. But, soliciting individual donations can be costly and difficult. Increasingly, politicians are relying on organizations or interest groups to do the hard work of grassroots fundraising. Your contribution opens opportunities to develop a greater understanding of the importance of the almond industry to current and future elected officials.


Still the question must be asked, how relevant is political giving when compared to industry size and clout? After all, the California almond industry is a $5.6 billion industry with more than 100,000 employees and countless millions that we touch every day. The Almond PAC is committed to increasing awareness of the global and economic importance of the California almond industry. It’s a long-term proposition, but the stakes are high, and the need is real.

The Almond PAC is led by a ten-member leadership committee that works with Sacramento advocates to develop and implement a contribution strategy.


Micah Zeff, Montpelier Orchards

Mike Curry, Johnson Farms

Dick Cunningham, Cunningham Ranch Inc.

Jeannine Grech, Campos Brothers Farms

Alicia Rockwell, Blue Diamond Growers

Dave Phippen, Travaille & Phippen

Melissa Frank, The Wonderful Company

Steve Van Duyn, Van Duyn Family Farms

Todd Meyer, Bear Republic Nut Company

Bill Lyons, Mape’s Ranch

The Almond PAC deposits all contributions made by businesses or incorporated entities into the State PAC and personal contributions are deposited into the Federal PAC. Federal law forbids contributions into any Federal PAC from incorporated entities.


California Almond Industry, PAC ID# 1365388, California Almond Industry Federal PAC ID# C00624992. PAC contributions are not deductible for federal or state income tax purposes. Subject to Proposition 34 limits, the California Almond Industry (CAI) PAC is a voluntary political organization that contributes to candidates for state and federal office. Political law and the CAI PAC determine how your contribution to CAI PAC is allocated. All personal contributions will be placed into the California Almond Industry Federal PAC.


Contribute to the Almond PAC today- Fill out the Contribution Form and mail to 1211 L Street Modesto, CA 95354


If you have any questions pertaining to the Almond PAC, please contact Annie Romero at (209) 300-7140 or