Relationship Building

The Almond PAC is an avenue to amplify our voice through tactics, including government relations, legislative affairs, and regulatory engagement.

Almond PAC events are essential in raising awareness of the almond industry; while also providing state legislators with a better understanding of the almond industry’s scope, size, value, and sustainability. Almond PAC contributions are strategic, bipartisan, and selective – targeting key leadership, committee members, and those identified to be interested in almond industry issues. 

The almond industry leaders have worked hard to attend events and engage with legislators, to put a face on and be the voice of the almond industry.


Almond PAC’s goals are to support our current friends and allies in congress and the California legislature, identify promising candidates and develop new friends and partners that will be important to our industry. The Almond PAC is a vital tool the Almond Alliance uses to accomplish these goals.

Almond PAC Hosts and Participates in the Following Events:

This event was an opportunity to pull together Assemblymembers and Senators with various levels of knowledge of the almond industry and share current issues, challenges and successes of the California almond industry. Industry members were able to share their stories of success and frustration and inform of changes within the industry. Many of the elected officials who attended this event, followed up with a tour of an almond specific operation. This event was a great success!

The Almond PAC participated in the first Almond Festival in Sacramento in June of 2019. This was an educational event focused on informing the public and stakeholders about the importance of the almond industry. The goal was for all attendees to gain an understanding of the scope, size, value and sustainability of California almonds. Representatives from the industry attended to explain new innovations, sustainability, trade, pest management and all of the efficiencies the industry has made over the last 10 years in harvesting equipment and irrigation. Additionally, there was music, games and a variety of almond snacks. The Almond Festival was canceled in 2020 due to COVID-19, but we are hopeful we will be back at the Capitol steps in 2021 to promote and celebrate the California almond industry. Updates on the event will be forthcoming.

The Almond PAC hosted the Almond Movers & Shakers Cocktail Reception, at the Citizen Hotel in Sacramento. This event was an opportunity for the almond industry to mix, mingle with bipartisan legislators as they shake it up during an interactive mixology competition. Four legislators competed against each other by mixing up their own signature cocktails using almond liquor or products. We were joined by over 15 Assemblymembers and Senators to witness the competition. This fun, interactive event allowed legislators to have conversations with almond industry leaders and educate our policy makers about almonds and elevate the industry’s collective power. The focus was to cultivate relationships between California state legislators, their staff, regulatory officials and all those involved in the politics of the State Capitol. Everyone who attended the event had a great time and attendees are excited for next year’s event.