Oct. 6, 2017 – – This week the Governor signed AB 450 (Chiu) which seeks to ensure that all California workers, regardless of immigration status, are provided the protections afforded to them under state law “without fear of harassment, detention, or deportation.” In short, the bill prohibits an employer from providing access to a federal government immigration enforcement agent to any non-public areas of a place of labor if the agent does not have a warrant.¬† According to the author, this bill will help achieve this by insisting that federal immigration enforcement agents meet the full procedural requirements of federal law and by making affected workers aware of federal enforcement actions and cognizant of their rights during such actions.

The bill started as a very controversial measure that business and ag interests, including the association, vigorously opposed.  However, after many amendments and negotiations, the bill was emended in the final week to align with federal requirements, allow notice requirements to suffice for good faith compliance and to include due process language.

The amendments removed opposition from the association and other entities including the Chamber of Commerce and Farm Bureau.