May 6, 2020 – – Today Governor Newsom announced an executive order on workers compensation. Below is an outline of the basic elements:

* It will be a rebuttable presumption that if an employee comes down with COVID-19, and working onsite, it came from work.

* The executive order will last for 60 days.

* The executive order will retroactively cover positive COVID-19 cases on or after March 19, 2020.

* To qualify for compensation an employee must test positive and be diagnosed by a licensed doctor.

* It will extend only for an additional 30 days after the 60 day active period. Meaning it will apply to employees that come down with COVID-19 within 30 days after expiration.

* Employees will need to use their 2 weeks paid sick leave benefits before any temporary workers compensation leave kicks in.

The Almond Alliance actively worked towards getting the original plans, which referenced conclusive presumption, down to a rebuttable presumption. Additionally, we were able to get the timetable defined to 60 days and require employees to have full diagnosis of COVID-19 by a licensed doctor. With the state legislature returning we anticipate changes regarding workers compensation. The Almond Alliance will send out information as it becomes available.

To Review Executive Order, Click Here.