Programs & Services

Over the last year, industry members and association leadership have undergone a strategic planning and implementation process; ensuring the association is in a position to serve our members and industry now and in the future. The Almond Alliance of California is the only  trade association fully dedicated to advocating and protecting your investment in the almond industry. Almond Alliance has developed and will continue to provide strategic programs and services to assist memberships.

Industry Advocacy – The Almond Alliance has a comprehensive government relations program.

  • Full service advocacy including legislative and regulatory affairs.
  • California Almond Industry Political Action Committees (Almond PACs), both a State and Federal PAC, which supports our allies in the legislature and works to develop new allies, important to our industry.
  • Experienced contract lobbyist, working full-time in Sacramento to ensure maximum opportunities for the almond industry.
  • Memorandum of Agreement with the Almond Board of California, enabling ABC’s research, data and expertise to support the Almond Alliance advocacy efforts.

Partnerships – Add value to your membership.

  • Der Manouel Insurance Group (DMIG), offers Almond Alliance members exclusive rates on insurance products and coverage that have been customized to fit the unique needs of the hulling, shelling, and processing industry.
    • As an Almond Alliance member you have access to a number of unique insurance products and coverages, designed by and available through Der Manouel Insurance Group (DMIG), the Association’s endorsed insurance broker.  DMIG has developed customized policy forms which address the unique needs of the hulling, shelling, and processing industry. As a member, you can obtain coverage for all or any of the following: Buildings and Equipment, Liability (including Product Liability), Stock, Field Stockpiles, Transportation, Mobile Equipment, Business Interruption, Automobile, Equipment Breakdown, Trade Credit, Farm, Crop, Worker’s Compensation, Ocean Cargo, Group Health, Dental and Life Insurance. In addition, DMIG offers an exclusive Product Contamination and Recall group policy to eligible Almond Alliance members. We are proud to say many members have more than made up their annual membership fee by savings they have realized by insuring with DMIG.
  • Sonsray Machinery, an exclusive CASE dealer, provides members with discounts off list prices for CASE equipment. Additionally, Sequoia assists our members with incentive funding paperwork through the California Air Resources Board, if it is applicable to the equipment being replaced.
  • Almond Alliance is excited to partner with attorney Stacy Henderson, a partner of law firm Terpstra Henderson Law. Henderson provides Almond Alliance members with informational articles on legal affairs, published in the Almond Advantage and e-News. Mrs. Henderson also, provides updates via webinar.
  • The Almond Board of California, works in conjunction with Almond Alliance staff to work on industry issues and concern, while complementing one another’s strengths. For more information click HERE.
  • Duane Lindsay & Associates and DFA of CA provide food safety audit services for our huller/sheller and processor members that are recognized annually at our convention.
  • Almond Alliance members receive a 15% discount on all Boretti, Inc. safety and instructional services. Boretti, Inc. designs, develops and implements safety, health and environmental solutions for your business’s needs.

Education- Providing education to members on issues that are important to their business.

  • Boretti, Inc.: The Almond Alliance, in partnership with Der Manouel Insurance Group (DMIG), is dedicated to providing members with a highly effective training programs. The Almond Alliance and DMIG have partnered with the safety experts at Boretti, Inc.; an integrated safety solutions company, which provides comprehensive safety and instructional training to a wide variety of industries.
  • Stacy Henderson, of Terpstra Henderson: The Almond Alliance legal expert Stacy Henderson, gives our members legal clarification and updates. She works with employers to navigate and achieve compliance with the complex and ever changing laws governing the relationship. Henderson, hosts exclusive webinars and seminars for members, on employment law.

Technical Assistance – Providing issue specific education, publications, guides, tools, resources and information focused particularly on legislative and regulatory concerns to members.

  • The Almond Alliance developed and maintains the only almond huller/sheller specific Good Manufacturing Practices to assist our members in complying with State and Federal food safety requirements.
  • The Almond Alliance developed an Almond Hull Quality Assurance Plan that meets State requirements for leniency to a zero tolerance policy as it relates to almond hull crude fiber violations, and had this tool available immediately upon notification of the zero tolerance policy for members.

Communications- A primary objective of the Almond Alliance is keeping members informed on current industry and policy issues.

  • A weekly e-Newsletter, to inform members of breaking industry news on policy and upcoming issues, events and meetings.
  • The Almond Advantage, a bimonthly printed magazine, features the latest industry news and recent activities the Almond Alliance has been engaged in.
  • An annual members-only directory with important resources and contact information for all members.
  • Press Releases are issued in a strategic fashion, coordinated with Almond Board messaging but are more nimble and flexible in terms of response time and content.
  • Follow the Almond Alliance on Twitter, @almondalliance, for factual, real time information, pertinent to the almond industry. Twitter facilitates an enhanced industry voice on social media responding to current information and correcting misinformation.

Events- Almond Alliance hosts an annual four day convention, which includes opportunities for both Regular and Associate members. This is the event where business happens!

  • The trade-show allows Associate members to directly market their latest products and services straight to Regular members and other industry professionals.
  • Informational seminars are held to provide updates, tools and resources about current issues facing the almond industry.
  • Our annual business meeting affords members the opportunity to get insight and understanding of the Almond Alliance activities on behalf of our members and industry.
  • A number of networking activities, including: dinner banquets, cocktail hours, a golf tournament, tennis tournament, and other site specific events.

Networking- Providing our members with a number of unparalleled networking opportunities.

  • Four regional (Fresno, Modesto, Bakersfield and Chico) PAC events are held throughout the year, to bring together all those who have contributed and supported the Almond PAC!
  • The Almond Alliance hosts vital industry meetings on topics of critical concern.
  • The convention allows Regular and Associate members to connect and interact
  • Classifies Ads, on our website give members the forum to sell or buy equipment directly to targeted consumers and post employment opportunities among