Vaccination Update for Agriculture Workers

The Almond Alliance continues to work with our membership on vaccinating our essential workforce and responding to questions about COVID-19 vaccinations. If you have any questions or need assistance locating a vaccination clinic, please contact our team.

To view your County COVID-19 website and Vaccination plan, Click Here.

Provide your workforce educational materials about the vaccination.

Authorized and Recommended Vaccines

As COVID-19 vaccines are authorized and then recommended for use in the United States, it will be important to understand what is known about each vaccine. The CDC provides information on who is and is not recommended to receive each vaccine and what to expect after vaccination, as well as ingredients, safety, and effectiveness. This can be found on their website, Click Here.

Currently, three vaccines that are authorized and being distributed. 

  • Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine
  • Moderna COVID-19 vaccine
  • Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen COVID-19 vaccine

Can you require your employees take the COVID 19 Vaccination?

The short answer: Yes. An employer can make a vaccination a requirement. But there are significant exceptions for potential concerns related to any disability or for religious beliefs that prohibit vaccinations. And experts say that employers are more likely to simply encourage their workers to get immunized rather that issue a company-wide mandate.  

The potential medical and religious accommodations are just two of the factors employers will have to consider when deciding whether to put a vaccination requirement in place. Experts say that given all the different concerns employers will need to balance with a potential COVID-19 vaccine, many might choose to simply recommend their workers get immunized rather than make vaccination a condition of employment.  A mandate that all their employees get inoculated could complicate the risks for companies. .  For more details, please see Stacy Henderson’s article on employee vaccinations she provides great insight on this issue, Click Here.

The Almond Alliance recommends that you provide your workforce educational materials about the vaccination now, so they are prepared to receive the vaccination. The Almond Alliance has handouts and videos in Spanish and English on our website.  Also, make sure your workers understand what information they will need to receive the vaccination. Each County has different instructions on what is required.  So, make the call to your County Health Office and know in advance.  If you need assistance, contact us, we are happy to provide you the help needed to get your team safely vaccinated.