March 23, 2018 – -Controversial legislation mandating a “right to repair” electronics was introduced this week by Asm Susan Eggman (D – Stockton).  AB 2110 (Eggman) requires the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of electronic equipment or parts sold in California to provide to independent repair shops and owners of the equipment certain parts, tools, repair manuals and information, including diagnostic and repair information.  The bill requires OEM’s to comply with these provisions for five years after ceasing manufacturing of the part or specific equipment.

While much of the press surrounding the legislation was focused on consumer electronics, the definition is very broad and would include all electronics including critical infrastructure, manufacturing equipment and farm equipment. The only exceptions to the bill are automobiles and medical devices.  The author states the intent of the bill is to provide a fair marketplace for repairs and reduce e-waste.  Opposition is concerned that there are no requirements for training or protection of privacy for the repair facilities as well as the broad scope of the bill.

The bill has not been referred to committee or set for hearing.