April 27, 2018 – -Bills are quickly moving through the final year of the two year legislative session year and these past couple of weeks have been some of the busiest. On April 27, 2018  we hit a major deadline requiring all bills with a fiscal impact to have successfully passed through all first house policy committees. With a couple of exceptions, any fiscal bill which failed to pass policy committee hearing is dead. With hundreds of controversial bills having to be heard, many hearings stretched well into the evening.

This is the first of several big deadlines coming up. Bills with no fiscal impact have until May 11 to be heard in Committee otherwise they are also dead for the year. Then the fiscal committees have until May 25 to hear all the fiscal bills so they can then be sent to the House Floor. June 1 is the major house of origin deadline which means that the Assembly and Senate floor sessions will continue late into the night all week. Once this deadline passes all the approved bills will repeat the same process in the other house.