Following the acquisition of a prominent industry leader and the integration of a side-mount almond tree shaker into their equipment offerings, Flory Industries continues to propel the agricultural sector forward with the introduction of the revolutionary FloryConnect technology. This session will highlight how Flory has branched out, while staying true to their roots, to better support growers’ profitability and sustainability.

Featuring: Yvonne Sams, VP of Sales & Marketing, Flory Industries

California’s Almond farmers have made a significant commitment to pollinators on working lands. With nearly 60,000 acres of bee-friendly habitat so far, California is leading the way to sustainability. At the same time, California’s potential endangered species listing of 4 bumblebee species and the federal government’s potential listing of the Western Monarch pose serious questions for growers, beekeepers, and the nation. This presentation will break down these complex issues to better assess opportunities for success.

Featuring: Mike Curry, Johnson Farms & Almond Alliance Chairman; Doug Iten, Great Valley Seeds; Karen Budd-Falen, Budd Falen Law Offices; Laurie Adams, Pollinator Partnership; and Bryan Ashurst, California Beekeepers Association

This expert presentation will deep dive into the macroeconomic factors providing headwinds and tailwinds for growers, processors, and handlers. Topics will include monetary policy, exchange rates, transportation, the financial health of the US consumer, and their impacts on the almond industry.

Featuring: Matt Clark, Terrain

Inflation. Ripples of Covid-19 supply chain disruption. War in Eastern Europe. Retaliatory tariffs. The nation’s import regulatory requirements. Did we mention inflation? We all know the challenges – the pinch points that seem to put the screws on our ability to sell or ship products worldwide. As 80% of the world’s supply of almonds, it’s time to get real about what’s possible, what’s not, and what we’re doing about it.

Featuring: Craig Duerr, Campos Brothers; John Aguiar, Mariani Nut Company; and Peter Schneider, TGS Logistics; Jerry Magdaleno, Terra Nova Trading

“The times they are a-changin” – and so is the law. Just when you thought you mastered the fundamentals, California changes the rules yet again. Stacy will provide an overview of the top 10 most important laws you need to know and comply with in 2023 to minimize your liability exposure.

Featuring: Stacy Henderson, Henderson Hatfield

California’s endless rollercoaster of drought, then flood, ever-changing surface rules, and pending groundwater regulations hang like a sword over the growers’ heads, and still no new water storage. The headlines have your head spinning and convinced no one has a plan – it’s just endless reactivity. ENOUGH! Some of California’s most candid and progressive water leaders cut loose and cut to the chase. Don’t miss the frankest conversation about water you’ll ever see.

Featuring: Anja Raudabaugh, Western United Dairies; Michelle Reimers, Turlock Irrigation District; Jennifer Pierre, State Water Contractors; Kristin White, Bureau of Reclamation

The almond industry is dynamic and sophisticated, comprised of genuine, hardworking individuals, families, and communities who work relentlessly to supply the world with almonds. We honor your dedication, resilience, and trust by working for you – to amplify your voice in Sacramento, Washington, D.C., and beyond. Hear not just WHAT – but HOW – what we’re doing to keep our farmers farming.

Featuring: Aubrey Bettencourt, Almond Alliance; Amanda Russell, Outlaw Strategic; Hector Barajas, Amplify 360; Todd Willins, RBW Group; Cole Rojewski, RBW Group; and Erin Norwood, Norwood Associates