The Almond Alliance of California is dedicated to innovative leadership and advocacy, ensuring the sustainability and success of the California almond industry and Almond Alliance members.

There are two types of membership opportunities available through Almond Alliance. The categories are Regular and Associate Memberships: Regular members are almond growers, hullers, shellers, processors and/or handlers, and Associate members provide products and services to our regular members. Almond Alliance represents over 80% of the total California almond industry based on tonnage. Almond Alliance facilitates a business network unlike any other in the almond industry. Regular members have ready access to vendors who provide needed services and associate members have the unique opportunity to market directly to their target audience.

Almond Alliance of California asks our regular members to adhere to the Almond Alliance code of ethics to ensure product delivered to their facilities is handled fairly, effectively, efficiently and honestly yielding high quality meats and hulls that are in accordance with California Regulations with respect to fiber, ash, moisture, protein and fat and have not been altered by the addition of shell and dirt. Proper storage practices and Good Manufacturing processes are in place to ensure quality end products.