Turlock, CA – The Almond Alliance announced hiring Norwood Associates, LLC, a highly respected and influential lobbying firm with extensive experience in government relations and public policy, in the California State Legislature and regulatory agencies. This decision underscored the Almond Alliance’s commitment to advancing its interest at the highest level of state government. 

For more than three decades, Norwood Associates has brought an impressive track record of success and has been one of California’s leading advocates for their clients in Sacramento. 

“In this role, Erin Norwood will work closely with the Almond Alliance’s executive team to develop and execute a comprehensive government relations strategy that advances our goals and objectives, said Aubrey Bettencourt, President and CEO of the Almond Alliance. 

“This includes identifying legislative and regulatory opportunities that align with the company’s interests, building and maintaining relationships with key lawmakers and government officials, and advocating for Almond Alliance’s positions on important policy issues.”

Erin Norwood added, “I look forward to working with the Alliance Alliance to expand their voice and communicate their needs in the California State Legislature and the various regulatory agencies. The Almond Alliance is a respected leader in the agricultural industry, and I am eager to assist them in navigating the ever-changing government landscape.


As a Partner of Norwood Associates, LLC, Erin. Norwood provides clients with more than two decades of experience and a strong understanding of insurance, technology, health, and consumer issues. Ms. Norwood has successfully lobbied the California Legislature, Governor’s office, and State Administrative Agencies on significant issues such as workers’ compensation, cable and internet legislation, pharmaceuticals, cannabis and tobacco, personal, property and life insurance, privacy and internet security, taxation, and gaming legislation.

Norwood Associates, LLC’s clients benefit from Ms. Norwood’s familiarity of how client objectives are met through legislation, her knowledge of how California legislators perceive 

various issues and her bipartisan relationships with legislators and staff.  Ms. Norwood recognizes the importance of being well-versed in all aspects of her client’s issues as well as the necessity of keeping clients informed on the process and progress of legislation.

Ms. Norwood is also an active member of Capitol Network, a non-profit organization involved in uplifting and aiding women within the Capitol community.  She has co-chaired Capitol Network’s Annual Golf Tournament for five consecutive years, which funds grants to local charities.

Ms. Norwood is a graduate of California State University, Sacramento, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Studies with an emphasis in Political Communications.  Ms. Norwood also is a graduate of the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, with a Master of Science in Law.


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