Almond Alliance has coordinated with regional partner Central California Food Bank and the national Feeding America network to facilitate shipments of much-needed food and aid to Hawaii in response to the Maui Wildfire Disaster.

Central California Food Bank has been the mainland food acquisition partner & supplier to the Hawaii Food Bank for the past several years. Currently, shipments are being made weekly.

  • At this time, the need is for processed products that are household size and in food-grade packaging. This is not just limited to nuts! Butters and other products are also acceptable.
  • Receipts based on volume will be provided by the food bank. Contributions are tax-deductible; we recommend working with your tax preparer for details.

To contribute please contact Jaclyn Pack, Director of Food Acquisitions at or at 559-237-3663 extension 1112.

Information on more ways to support will be sent over the coming days.

Do Right and Feed Everybody.

This effort is an early, soft announcement of a broader initiative by the Almond Alliance Foundation to have almonds at the ready to provide much-needed nutrition in times of crisis and to those in need. Beyond Maui, we will continue to develop and build on this partnership with the Central California Food Bank and Feeding America to support our communities near and far.

This is another critical step in the Almond Alliance’s continued effort to open opportunities and access to domestic and international nutrition and food aid programs for almonds.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to the Almond Alliance.

Thank you all always for stepping up, reaching out, and leading the way.