Almond Alliance team has been in constant contact with county, state, and federal agencies and offices to report up real time information regarding damages, loss, and assistance needed, in order to ensure you – our community and growers – have the real time information and full access to the resources you need to make it through and recover from Hurricane Hillary.

Attached is our Storm Damage Reporting & Resources page – your guide to good practices for reporting damages and loss, as well as links to federal programs available right now. This includes the TAP program and the ECP program; both currently funded and available to assist with tree & debris removal, replacement, and more.

USDA has additional information about these resources specifically for California. Click here to learn more about resources to assist with flood water management, and livestock – including honey bees – assistance.

Remember DOCUMENT & NOTIFY 1. FSA Office 2. County Ag Commissioner 3. Crop Insurance Provider

A simple phone call can make the difference between resources available and being left out. Timely notice of loss reported to your local FSA office is critical to ensuring adequate resources and assistance is deployed to your area, as well as your ability to participate in potential future programs.

Our Team is Your Team

Our membership team in Turlock and our government affairs teams in Sacramento and Washington DC are here to assist you with your representatives, agencies, and departments – local, state, or federal.

The Almond Alliance has been providing briefings to state and federal agencies and elected officials. Your information will be kept private and be used for education and advocacy for the resources needed to respond and recover from Hurricane Hillary. 


Your feedback and information is critical – solutions are driven by your needs. Please let us know what’s happening in your area; if you have any questions or concerns, or if you need assistance going through this process. We’re taking your phone calls  and emails and assisting however you need. 

In the storm there’s not much can be done, except get through it – we have you all in our thoughts and prayers through this time, and are standing by to be of any assistance we can to receive the assistance you require to recover safely and quickly as possible.

Many of you know, in a past life I had the privilege to serve you as USDA FSA State Executive Director – I am passionate and adamant about ensuring you receive the assistance, service, and recovery resources you need to keep farming. At the Alliance – we are your team. 

Please be well, and please reach out.

Thank you all,



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