TURLOCK, CA – The Almond Alliance and Great Valley Seed have partnered – farmer to farmer – to develop native plant and seed supplies and make them easily accessible to California’s almond growers to expand pollinator habitat on 7,600 working farms. The initiative, Pollinator Alliance, gives farmers access to pricing, grants, and other programs designed to increase the long-term benefits for farmers who incorporate pollinator habitat into their operations.

For nearly thirty years, California’s almond farmers have been global leaders in pollinator health,” said Aubrey Bettencourt, President and CEO of the Almond Alliance. “Almond farmers, bees, and other pollinators are the perfect ecological partner, providing for each other’s well-being and continued success.” The partnership between Almond Alliance and Great Valley Seed harnesses the experience, expertise, and commitment of California’s agriculturalists to develop a new capacity to install habitat for pollinators on agricultural working lands. 

Pollinator Alliance is a farmer-to-farmer solution utilizing the sophistication and excellence of California’s almond farmers to grow habitat, promote pollinator health and biodiversity, and further develop native seed and nursery stock for continued habitat restoration on California’s working lands. Great Valley Seed provides cost-effective native seed solutions to support restoration and resilient agriculture across California.  

For more information about the program, visit PollinatorAlliance.farm, where farmers can sign up for more information about the financial and technical assistance they are eligible to receive.


About the Almond Alliance

Almond Alliance is the leading authority in state and national policy, championing American almond farmers, industry, and community for the continued global growth, innovation, and success of American almonds and agriculture.

Established in 1980, the Almond Alliance is a non-profit trade association with a local and international network of almond processors, hullers/shellers, growers, and allied businesses. The Alliance is dedicated to providing resources and solutions for our members, ensuring industry success and growth opportunities. Learn more at almondalliance.org

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